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Adobe Photoshop CS 2 Tutorial On What Makes A Good Photo

Adobe Photoshop Cs 2

Just what makes a good photo? First you need to develop a good eye, and this takes a lot of practice, you’ll find colour shifts in images and an inexperienced viewer can’t see these, it come’s second nature to an expert. There is only way to become an expert in this and that is to look at more photos.

Nearly all photos have some form of flaw or anything that detracts from the experience of viewing the image, mark my word these will not get past any expert test. Just by looking at photos you’ll find flaws are more obvious than others. If blue sea‘s has been taken on a green tinge, it’s not very hard to see that something looks wrong.

So now here comes the power of photoshop or elements, flaws can easily be fixed by any of these. But you must also know the better the image the less work you have to do, thus resulting in a better end product. Sometime a decent camera is all you need to make a bigger impact to your image.

Here are the Five key ingredients you need to know.

Resolution – Should suit the target print size, but you can’t make an image higher –res than your camera’s maximum, even with interpolation.

Sharpness – Means depth of field should be adequate, if it’s limited, it should look like it’s been limited deliberately, You should watch out for soft edges, corners and motion blur.

Tone – Defines the overall impression of lightness and darkness in an image. It’s more of an artistic decision than exposure, just remember and shot can be interpreted with either the dark look or the lighter look.

Exposure – Should be balanced across your image, this will minimise the burned out areas and also give you plenty of detail in the darker areas.

Colour – The most important part in any photo, getting this wrong will just destroy your photo, remember it shouldn’t be exaggerated, you have to make it look believable.